Serious Pie Flashback

It’s a cold day here in New York and I just had a flashback. Not the typical kind where a scent sparks a visual memory or when images flash in my mind’s eye, but this was a flashback of my palate and my great time in the Pacific Northwest.

If you think I am obsessed with Tom Douglas eateries [Serious Biscuit: Serious Eating], please think again. In Seattle, I just had no choice. He owns twelve restaurants. You read correctly. He has Seattle's stomach on lock down! Check out this map of Serious Pie on his website. You can easily see seven other locations within walking distance of each other.

It was my last night in Seattle and after a day spent on Bainbridge Island with my brother from another mother, I found myself craving heavy, soul-filling food. Since going to Serious Biscuit again might have been overkill, we went to Serious Pie.

Let's begin with the kale salad and move on to the mushroom pizza with pancetta.

Kale is a delicious, popular green leaf. You can find it on many menus and rightfully so; it's packed with body enriching nutrients even when slightly cooked. The salad was prepared with marinated Lacinato kale, chilis and pine nuts. I think I may have had the salad in my mouth for about ten seconds before deciding to pace myself so as not to appear voracious. It was good!

Shortly after our empty salad plate was removed (I may have looked at that plate longingly), awesomeness was placed in front of me; a pizza with roasted, seasonal mushrooms, truffle cheese and pancetta.

Side note, food makes me happy. I dance and sing when good food is placed in front of me. This was one of those moments. 

First I was truly impressed by the slab of I-don’t-know-what that the pizza was served on. If felt like a strong, solid rock. It elevated the presentation of the pizza without making it “fancy”.  The pizza was delicious. DEE-LI-CIOUS! Like a cat licking its chops after drinking milk delicious. The tastes all worked well with each other in my mouth. I secretly wished for a private moment with the pizza. I did not want to converse with my brother. I only wanted to eat and fill up on this good blend of hard and soft textures that had the right amount of flavor, which came through with each chew.

My time at Serious Pie started with, "Oh my goodness" and ended with, "I wish I could also taste..." but I had zero room left.

So on a day like today, where I am daydreaming of hibernating and only going out for delicious food, I know that next time that I am back in Seattle, I’m going to the Tom Douglas district. If it's still on the menu,next time I think I'll try...