Dear Janus

Before I knew your name, with the dawn of each new year, I perceived life as a fresh start and the automatic action of reflection commenced. Before I understood your importance, I knew that with the full exploration of these feelings, harmony with life would be achieved and I would continue on my merry way. 


In New York, and most of the Northern Hemisphere, January is the coldest month. We’ve already experienced two snow storms. The last one, aptly named Janus, covered us with a blanket of silence. Businesses closed early, families retreated to their homes, and only those that had to, went outside. The quiet that abounded was beautiful and it seemed to create more silence for a short period of time. My family, my friends, my colleagues and my New York, we all collectively reminisced as to the early 80s when this freezing weather, full of snow was common.


Your blanket of silence, coupled with my contemplation, had me in a place of looking forward and backward. As I considered my near future of how to make an idea come to life that came during my recent two trips to Haiti and Patagonia; how to run successful businesses and what jewelry to sell this year; I also considered what from my past was hindering progression into my future.


I have recognized for a while now that it is time for me to fly on the wings of the wind and get to my visions of my future sooner.


And now, at the close of your month, all is clear. I am at the precipice.


When I think of you Janus, I think of how spring is on the horizon and how the coldest days have yet to come. You are so dreamy to me and help me to see the world through a dreamy lens. What I have seen, and what is yet to be seen, reminds me that I live a great life that I love.




Posted on January 31, 2014 .