Melancholy Monday's - Sound the Alarm

The alarm rang as I was settling further into my deep sleep. "I need to rest; I'm exhausted. I've been going non-stop for months now with barely a day off." These thoughts travelled through my foggy mind. During the night I awoke to the sensation of my body boiling. I opened the crack in my window further hoping that would help reduce my temperature. As I lay awake deeply wishing to be asleep, I was comforted by the lavender smell in the air.   

Almost every Monday I wish to stay in. A three day weekend is ideal. One day for errands. One day for physical activity and one day for resting and allowing the mind to wander. When will the alarm sound for me to awake to this reality? When will the life that I am designing be here in the present as opposed to in my future?

As I think about lessons learned from those that successfully incorporate the Law of Attraction into their lives, I am reminded that in order for my ideal life to be a reality I must stop planning for it and just live it. One day soon I'll have my Mondays all to myself. Until then, with my arm draped over the side of the bed and my hand on my phone, quieting my sounding alarm I arose to start my Monday