Melancholy Monday's - Seaside Relaxation


Last night the rains were hard and non-stop. The waters washed away the pollen allowing a respite  from my allergies. There was a sweet, cool breeze that flowed during the night, which prompted me to pull a light comforter over me and snuggle in deeper. I fell into a deep, sound sleep that could have, should have lasted into the late morning. Instead the rain continued, as did my sleep, until soft sounds that started in the distance and came closer and closer awakened me. 

I awoke tired and ready to continue my slumber but instead I silenced my alarm, sat up and began stretching. It had been months since I'd meditated regularly. My head felt tight and filled to the brim and it was Monday!

My sleepy head rolls and forward stretches led to daydreaming that I was on the beach stretching in preparation to go back to sleep. Deep breath in and I start with my hands outstretched towards the blue sky. On the way down I exhale and see the blue sea. I end facing the sand as my fingers gently graze the grains before doing it all over again in reverse.

The sea. Nothing but the sea stretched before me was the vision that remained with me throughout the day. The beach underneath, in back of and around me. The sky, blue and everlasting with my lover close by. Those sleepy, hazy, lazy visions caused me to yawn each time I spoke aloud.

The sea was miles away from where I was headed to in Tribeca. Instead of relaxing, the highlight of my day, was that my boss would be working from home.